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Wrap It Up Flowers is the perfect solution to all of your gift wrapping needs. As an entrepreneur, wife, and mother of 3,  I found myself always needing some type of gifting solution for those last minute gestures that come up in everyday life. Whether it was a thank you bouquet for my daugter’s teacher, a hostess gift on the way to dinner, or get well flowers for a friend found suddenly ill – I was always left with the dilemma of balancing budget with quality, and time. How could I get what I needed in a hurry , keep it within budget, AND make it LOOK like I had planned it out well in advance? WRAPITUP.

I found myslef leaning on the big box stores and grocery markets to be the only fast option to my necessity but I was left underwhelmed and embarrassed with what I ultimately ended up with. But what else could I do? The type of venues that I was shopping at didn’t offer a florist wrapped bouquet and the flowers that they did offer were never mixed with the elegant selection that I hoped for. Yes, some stores offered the “choose 3 / mix & match” option but then who would wrap it? Could I just go directly to a florist? Yes, but then it would increase my cost and what if they were closed? What then?

That’s when I came up with WRAPITUP. It’s the perfect solution to this everyday dilemma. All of our kits include everything you need to turn a last minute gesture into a lasting impression. So easy to use you can do it in your car while parked outside of your event. TRY ONE TODAY and let WRAPITUP change the way you do life.


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